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Bret Randle

Chief Bean Counter


Our Founder, Bret A. Randle has been an Accounting and Management Leader for over 30 years.  His educational background includes a BS in Business Administration from Drexel University and an MBA from The Zicklin School of Business.  He is a Certified Tax Preparer and Quickbooks Certified Accountant and ProAdvisor.  He began his career working with clients such as Philip Morris International, Altria and Walt Disney.

Bret’s outstanding ability to teach and breakdown the accounting and tax questions is truly his greatest asset.  He continually strives to be an active participant in the client’s education, growth, and success.


Randle Accounting has a team of professionals with varied backgrounds chosen to compliment any business.  Our team’s combined areas of expertise include years of accounting, human resources, and benefits management.

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